Why and How To Have Your House Painted

Whether you’re a new homeowner or have seen the exterior of your house decline slowly over the years, there is a special draw to a freshly painted house.

Yes, painting your house’s exterior can change your home. It can even be a drastic change if you plan your colors correctly! This can be a go-to if you’re trying to make a big difference without remodeling a whole room or adding on to the house. However that doesn’t mean that every house is a quick, easy or inexpensive job. We’re here to help you find out how to get your house painted and all the decisions in between!

Benefits of a Fresh Coat of Exterior Paint

Let’s talk about what the real benefits of painting the exterior of your home are. It looks visually nice but if you’re planning on selling, showing or upgrading it goes beyond the visual appeal.

  • Fresh paint can help the materials of your home look newer (especially true for siding)
  • Increase your home’s value
  • Inspection before paint can reveal early signs of pest damage
  • A more budget-friendly home upgrade when compared to many popular home renovations.

That is a pretty great list isn’t it? This list all adds up to one thing which is very important every homeowner, whether they plan on living there forever or not: resale value.

Resale Value!

You can plan on selling your home within the next year or holding onto it until time stops, but the value of your home is important. This is an investment that you worked hard for, and as expected it should continue to increase in value as an asset.

But! Your work as a homeowner didn’t stop after you signed the paper and picked up the keys. The work only just begun at that point, but a major increase in value can be obtained just by painting your house’s exterior. From the list above, every single one of those benefits is part of building your home’s value.

Freshen Up Your Home

Maybe you want to continue living in your home, and don’t have any intention of selling any time soon. That’s great because you’ll still get that burst of pride when you pull into the driveway of a freshly painted house.

How can you use color choices to make your home seem fresher, and more inviting? We have the breakdown to help your decision making!

Color Choices Make a Difference

While there isn’t one color that will mean a great increase in resale value that you can love too there are some tried and true schemes.

  • Grey/Beige – the perfect combination of neutrals is a popular choice. Why? Well, it doesn’t fade as noticeably as other neutrals, and doesn’t show dirt or rain patterns the way white, cream, or more orange-y hues do.
  • Oatmeal – the adorable little sister of cream, oatmeal is not only more appealing to the eye because it isn’t as harsh but is also an inviting warm tone.
  • Yellows, Oranges, and Purples – should be reserved for special forms of architecture. An old style Victorian or Spanish style home isn’t suited for muted neutrals. You have a lot of room to have fun with these traditionally, non-traditional homes.

Trim Away

This is one area where a professional painter can come in handy! The trim is important, and can act as an accent, or a bold statement. Typically a few shades darker can give your house a more distinct shape; while a few shades lighter can play up some colors.

Doors are Important Too!

Who has forgotten the bright red front door on Elm Street? We don’t want your neighbors, friends or potential buyers to think of a nightmare when they’re walking up to your house!

Consult with your painting contractor or local painting company on what works with your exterior paint color. You want something inviting, like a warm blue or a cool charcoal.

Do-It-Yourself Isn’t Always Best

Painting seems easy right? Although we might have all tried our hands at a bedroom, the exterior of a house is different because of one primary reason: materials. Both the home’s exterior material and the exterior paint!

Aside from the materials, it is easy for the simple task of oh… painting your house… to quickly become overwhelming. Then the job is rushed and the end result just isn’t what you wanted. Hopefully you’ll never experience this and you’ll hire a professional, exterior painting service from the start. Call a local painting company for a quote. Most often you won’t be shelling out more than a thousand or so, depending on your house size and the exterior material.

Spending Pitfalls

A lot of people experience the pitfall of spending to paint the house twice. A lot of DIY-ers are ambitious and some are even determined to love the result of their labor. But usually a few months goes by and the small mistakes, patchy painting or outright painting mishaps become eyesores. Instead of increasing the value of your home, it’s been decreased!

Hiring a professional painter or painting contractor can end up saving you money. Rather than doing it yourself and then paying a professional, have the job done by a pro the first time!

Find a Great Painting Company or Professional Painter

So how do you go about finding a great contractor or professional painter? House painting is one of those jobs that many people claim to be wonderful at, and that isn’t always the case.

Look for these key points when hiring a professional painter:

  1. They don’t just claim to use top-quality materials; they tell you what they regularly use. (High-quality paint for the exterior of a home could cost anywhere between $40-$70 per gallon, beware if the price sounds too good to be true.)
  • They inform you that house painting takes a lot of prep work too! If someone shows up and just gets right to painting, something is wrong!
  • Ask how they handle touchups and whether there is a time frame involved.

After you’ve evaluated these aspects and think you might have found the one, ask for: estimates, references, and a contract. (This isn’t just to make sure you get everything you’re looking for, a great painting company knows that these protect them too!)

Happy Painting!

With a professional painting service, this renovation can be painless and require minimum effort on your part. Take the chance and call our local painting company to see if your home upgrade is something that you can do not just for visual appeal but for the physical improvement of your home as well!

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